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100% of money raised will go to local, on-the-ground groups who know best what their communities need. We have identified three relief providers as aid recipients: Self-Help Enterprises, Environmental Justice Coalition for Water and California Fire Foundation.


The California Drought Relief Fund is made possible with the generous financial support of nonprofit founders and philanthropists Tom Steyer and Kat Taylor. 

“From devastating drought to dangerous wildfires, California’s families are already feeling the impacts of climate change. As Californians, we stand ready to lend a hand to our friends and neighbors. The California Drought Relief Fund will provide critical assistance to communities on the frontlines of the climate crisis. Their struggles remind us of our moral responsibility to protect our communities while we address the cause of the climate crisis and build a better future for our children.” - Tom Steyer


These valued partners are helping spread the word and raise money for the fund: 


Show you care about this effort by buying one of these shirts made by California artists who are concerned about the drought. Profits after production and shipping will go to our relief providers. Learn more here.


We are grateful for the additional financial and promotional support of these partners: